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How to Give Your Home a Holiday Makeover

How to Give Your Home a Holiday Makeover

Summer has already arrived! With the changing season, everyone wishes to give their house a new look. We, at Handyman services, are sharing some smashing ideas to spice up your home with a holiday makeover. Summer is the perfect season to renovate your home. However, this high temperature and humidity create trouble while you paint your place.

Ahan! No worries now, we are here to give you the premier painting services with all solution!

Exterior Painting Makeover

Exposed exterior to heatwaves, moisture, and humidity fluctuations are challenging to makeover. So, here are some useful tips and tricks to make it less hard:

–    Pick the right time for the summer brush-up

If the outside temperature exceeds 35 degrees, the paint will end up with the patchy finish. The perfect temperature to paint is 22 degree. Try to paint either early in the morning or late afternoon.

–    Prepare your exterior surface

Before applying the paint, surface preparation is necessary. Removing extra dirt particles from the walls can result in a smooth exterior surface.

–    Choose a suitable painting service

The first essential thing is that you should choose experienced and professional painters that can handle your requirements.

–    Select a proper color palette

There are numerous colors available at Handyman Services MD, but choosing the right option for your property can make it look stunning. Therefore, before you select any exotic color palettes, do a little study by comparing the colors according to the architectural attributes of your house. If you are finding it hard to pick the perfect color, approach a professional painting consultancy service.

Interior Painting Makeover

Be a foil to exterior painting, summer and spring holidays are suitable for interior painting. Let’s explore some useful tips for an interior painting makeover:

  • Prepare the surface

Preparing an interior surface is much easier than fixing the exterior surface. For instance, you can easily clean off excess dust and fumes with ordinary tools like a paint scraper and mineral spirits.

  • Prime the interior

When it comes to giving your interior the finest appearance, you cannot discover any alternative to priming. It is vital to do spot-priming in order to cover up the old bumps, blisters, and stains. Also, if you want to give tints to the color coatings on the top, use shade primer.

  • Keep the weather conditions in mind

Temperatures don’t affect much on interior paintings. In every season, illustrating your interior décor is always convenient.

Above all, getting premier painting services is always the right choice for a perfect job.  So, hurry up, contact Handyman Services to embellish your house inside out like never before!




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