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A few years ago, tiles were only used for functional benefits such as resistance to water, durability, and low maintenance. Nowadays, the aesthetic impact is as important as functionality. Therefore, Handyman Services is your chosen company to proffer the best tile installation service in Silver Spring, MD. Let’s check out what’s trending in 2019:

  1. Graphic Patterns

For floor and walls, graphic patterns provide a superb impression. No matter if you are a fan of soft subtle hues or bold contrasting colors, the obscure patterns will grab your attention quickly.

Graphic patterns are on the top of the list because these are the most popular and preferable among all.

  1. Get Over with Glossy Tiles, Matte Finishes Transpire to Tarry

Today, mattes are preferable in almost everything. Therefore, the matte tiles also with functional benefits and attractive beauty. In the busy bathrooms, these tiles are ideal to restrict smudges and watermarks. However, if you are thinking to install matte tiles, make sure there is enough light in your bathroom.

  1. Neutrals (Especially Whites!)

Contemporary designs make great use of neutral colors and the trend still alive in 2019. Today, homeowners preferring neutral colors, especially nude colors like greys and shades of cream for the bathroom.

Blue, red and yellow are not anymore the shining stars of the washrooms.

Besides, neutral colors calm the mind and create a relaxing environment in the home. You can combine different neutral shades, textures, and patterns to create an inspiring and attractive bathroom.

  1. Subway Tiles with More Pizazz

Those big rectangle’s look is very casual. However, being available with more colors, patterns, sizes, and textures, subway tiles are winning the interest back.

  1. Dimensional Tiles

Manufacturers are indeed bringing the different shapes of the tiles. From the traditional rectangle to a variety of geometric shapes, you can pick your favorite tiles to create a sensible bathroom.


  1. Wood Planks for Flooring

Wood planks are just starting to lure the people with its wooden appearance. The most prevalent wood-grained tiles are oak, maple, and cherry, however, porcelain wood grain tiles are perfect for the bathroom. These tiles offer greater stain and water resistance without sacrificing design aesthetics.

  1. Marble Flooring in Soft Tones & Larger Scale Patterns

Famous for its stunning luxurious beauty, marble is a natural stone that provides an appealing look. Marble look tiles are good to consider if you are thinking for the bathroom remodeling.

  1. Textural Finishes

Texture field tiles allow you to add variation, color depth, and surface interest in any area of the bathroom.

In conclusion, you can create the desired look into your bathroom by selecting the right tiles for you. Therefore, Handyman Services helps you pick the right tiles and offers perfect tiles installation services in Silver Spring, MD.



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